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With a huge "Thank-you" to a gentleman in Manitowoc WI, and our own Secretary/Treasurer Becky Wendlandt,
you can read and/or download a copy of the National Rural Letter Carrier magazine, April 16, 1977!
The April, 1977 magazine contains articles concerning the upcoming
73rd Annual Convention of the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association to be held in Spokane, Washington!
Also available from the same source is the National Rural Letter Carrier magazine, August 6, 1977.
This issue is extremely interesting because, not only does it include a WELCOME TO SPOKANE on the front cover, but page 451 contains an article concerning the NRLCA meeting with USPS officials concerning the attempted movement to 5-day delivery!
Also in the magazine, on pages 452-453 is the
Statement of Lester F. Miller, President NRLCA
Before the Postal Operations and Services Subcommittee
Of The House Post Office and Civil Service Committee

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