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"On October 1, 1896 the first experimental Rural Free delivery mail service was established in West Virginia."

"... the earliest rural carriers wore navy blue uniforms with specially designed, vizored caps. Later Congress approved a bluish gray which would not show dirt so easily. Finally the carriers abandoned the uniform idea and wore whatever was best suited to the climate in their areas."

Golden Jubilee
"A half a hundred years ago
A round the countryside
The first rural carrier
With his letter bag did ride
he would drive a two wheel cart
sometimes an open sleigh
sometimes he rode the horse's back,
I've heard my drandad say
And if the roads were very bad
Or drifted high with snow
He'd take his letters on his back
and go by heel and toe.
The pay was poor, the going hard
His toes were often cold
It was a job, back in those days,
That made a young man old.
We do not pause today
Cruel hardships to recall
But progress to celebrate,
And to give thanks for it all-
Fifty years of progress,
In things, to us, worth while;
Fifty years of giving,
Grand Service with a Smile"

Service With a Smile:
The rural carrier with a pleasant smile
Delivers news to you.
Through storm and flood,
Through snow and sleet and mud,
He always brings it through
The rural carrier makes a lot of friends
Along his daily route,
By doing many little kindly deeds
He nver talks about.

Chorus: Service, Service, service with a smile,
Service, service, loyal all the whild.
The rural carrier gives it to the
Very last long mile.
Service, service, service with a smile,
For the ony kind worth wile,
On the rural route where he hands out-
It's service with a smile!
by Mary Lee Andres, daughter or Rural carrier and Mrs. Lucian Andres, Whiteright, Texas, Mr. Andrews was atreasurer of the National Association