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Provided below are some items of interest related to the history of the WARLCA, as well as the NRLCA.
If you have interesting information and/or artifacts related to the history of our Association
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With heartfelt thanks to WARLCA member Beverly Adams, who in turn credits a local USPS manager who came across an important issue of the National Rural Letter Carrier magazine and turned it over to Beverly for safe-keeping, you can view the
October 19, 1946 issue of our National magazine at the link provided below.
History will note that 1946 was 50 years after the advent of Rural Delivery. The October 19, 1946 issue is very special as it is the Convention issue when the NRLCA celebrated what is called our "Golden Jubilee."
Then Postmaster General Robert E. Hannegan, in the Post Office Department Salute to Rural Delivery, said it very well:
Through war as well as peace, in good times as well as hard, in all kinds of weather, from the shores of New England to the waters of the Pacific, the good offices of the kindly rural carrier are still greatly needed. In recognition of his contribution to the welfare of America, and fifty years of loyal service, the Post Office Department congratulates the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association on its well earned Golden Jubilee. We salute the rural carriers!
You can view the Golden Jubilee issue HERE
In 2010 the National Convention of the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association was held in Spokane, Washington.
33 years earlier, the National Convention was also held in Spokane. You will enjoy reading two issues of the National Rural Letter Carrier magazine published in 1977 in advance of the soon to be held National Convention in Spokane.
National Rural Letter Carrier - April 16, 1977
National Rural Letter Carrier - August 6, 1977
President Start year End year
F. H. Cunningham 1903 1904
P.L. Lindsay 1905 1908
Elias Frey 1909
E.A. McMahon 1910 1911
L.N. Brockway 1912 1913
George W. Kime 1914 1915
Fred L. White 1916
Claude Smith 1917 1919
E.D. Landwehr 1920 1921
A.P. Lang 1922 1924
W.A. Keown 1925
Ned H. Goodell 1928 1929
W.G. Armstrong 1930 1934
J.E. Cooper 1935
R.H. Combs 1936 1939
L.M. Walker 1940 1941
Wiley M. Riedel 1942
T.G. Walters 1943 1945
B.A. Winquest 1946 1947
W.L. Manning 1948 1949
C.L. Ashcraft 1950
Bud Raley 1951 1952
Paul G. Benson 1953
W.B. Bledsoe 1954 1955
Ray L. Hulick 1956 1957
C.R. Larson 1958 1959
T.M. Martin 1960 1961
Max H. Jordan 1962 1963
F.E. Huffman 1964 1965
C.W. Hilliard 1966 1967
H.F. Alfrey 1968 1969
C.E. Olmstead 1970 1972
R.M. Rainwater 1973 1974
L.F. Miller 1975 1976
C.E. Edwards 1977 1978
Dean King 1979 1980
Wilbur S. Wood 1981 1982
Tom W. Griffith 1983 1985
Olin Armentrout 1986
Dallas N. Fields 1987 1988
Vernon H. Meier 1989 1990
William R. Brown, Jr. 1991 1993
Scottie B. Hicks 1994 1996
Steven R. Smith 1997 2000
Gus Baffa 2001 2003
Dale Holton 2004 2005
Donnie Pitts 2006 2007
Don Cantriel 2008 2011
Jeanette Dwyer 2011 Present

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31st National Convention
Denver, Colorado - 1934

33rd National Convention
Indianapolis, Indiana
August 19, 1936


NRLCA National Convention Banquet
Indianapolis, Indiana
August 19, 1936

36th NRLCA National Convention
Portland, Oregon
August 16, 1939

37th National Convention
St. Louis, Missouri
August 19-23, 1940

With a special recognition to former District Representatives Ed Ogdon, WARLCA Historian 2010-2012 and Dave Reppe who has served as both a state and county unit officer you can view archived images of the early years of the South Eastern Washington Rural Letter Carriers' Association. Additional years will be added as time permits.
South Eastern Washington RLCA - 1923-1930
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